LASIK Surgeon / Industry Statements

Glenn Hagele,
Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance (CRSQA), USAEyes

Dan Durrie, MD (former CRSQA Chairperson):

"Glenn has not been representing the board in his legal action and has not discussed his tactics with me. I was very surprised by his e-mail stating his plans to do so. Due to his comments to do so, I have notified him that I am resigning from the board. I am only interested in helping patients. - DSD"

Source: Personal communication

Barrie Soloway, MD (former CRSQA / USAEyes surgeon):

"In one sense, any layperson can go out and set up an organization similar to what Hagele has done. There is no way to prevent an organization from simply being a rubber stamp, 'Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval' for payment."


Richard Lindstrom, MD (former CRSQA / USAEyes surgeon):

"Glenn seems to see himself as a white night crusading for Laski (sic) and his dissatisfied patient enemies wish to destroy the operation entirely. We cannot win by getting involved. There are not at this time reasonable people on either side. What you read here is just a paragraph in a thick book of similar accusations and counteraccusations including active litigation. ***** ****** is not ASCRS friend, nor at the moment is Glen Hagele. None of this is good for the field or ASCRS. Stay as far away as you can."


William Trattler, MD:

"First - there is absolutely no relationship between myself and Glenn Hagle or CRSQA. I am a refractive [LASIK] surgeon, and I have no interest in being CRSQA certified. CRSQA certification is a waste of money, and there is nothing that suggests that there is any difference between a surgeon who has CRSQA certfication or not."


Mark E. Hollingshead, MD:

"When it comes to 'certifications,' let the buyer be-aware.".

"With the advent of the Internet, the number of questionable certifications has increased. Websites sponsored by these organizations may look quite official, so it is important that patients carefully evaluate the endorsements they make. One such organization has received attention lately for allegedly endorsing surgeons who have poor records but retain their certification as long as they continue to pay a substantial membership fee to the organizer."

"As a matter of principle, Dr. Hollingshead does not affiliate himself with organizations that sponsor certifications based solely on the surgeon’s willingness to file paperwork and pay a fee. These 'certifications' often amount to little more than marketing endorsements; many of them are referral services masquerading as patient advocacy groups."


David Karcher, ASCRS Executive Director

"ASCRS wishes to make it very clear that it does not have, and has never had, any business relationship, formal or informal, with Mr. Hagele or any of his activities."